My carrer as a voice over talent began in the mexican television in 1987 hosting musical and entertainment shows mainly.

2 years after, I started to record commercials for several hosted radio shows.

In the last 10 years in the industry, I have recorded more than 7,000 radio spots, over 4,000 rate videos as well as countless T.V., network promos of this in Mexico and the U.S.

However, my voice has been heard in many different spanish speaking markets such as U.S., Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Nicaragua, Panamá, Puerto Rico, El Salvador Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, among others.

I have hosted various T.V. Shows, musicals entertainment, interviews, as well as corporate videos. Besides, I have experience as a FootBall conmentator in NFL and college level.

I have been M.C. for differrents types of events, from product launches to oficial event of Mexico´s President.

I have appeared on camera in various T.V. commercials and informecials for Mexico and the U.S.